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Our machines are built in Australia an have a enviable reputation for quality and longevity, with many of our clients from the 1960s still using their original machines today.
Our treadmill is designed to be outside in the garage or kennels we even know of people who leave them out in the weather.

We at Val Ward Enterprises take pride in building and servicing of your machine since the 1960ís

Having a Val Ward dog treadmill machine provides a facility that increases your dogs health and fitness and can give you an edge over your competition as a dog breeder and even to win that greyhound race or have your show dog win best at show.
Having Val Ward Treadmills gives you more time and can also be a great benefit when bad weather can prevent training outside.
We have built custom machines for Universities to fit sheep  needing an adjusting incline to increase heart rates. Most recently sold two 3dog treadmills to the Military dog platoon in Queensland . We Continue to be the preferred choice if your serious about keeping your dog fit , Healthy & for Rehabilitation .

A one hour street walk is equivalent to a 20minute walk on our Val Ward walking machine. 

Val Ward Enterprises sell 1,2,3 & 4 dog machines and transport to anywhere in Australia .

This Dog Treadmill was built back in 1967 & was still running strong . The owner had heard about the high quality belts we are now using & wanted a refurbishment now its almost new & hopefully will last another 47yrs .

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