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Why buy Valward dog walking machine from us ?. We have been building Dog treadmills since the 1960's and we continue today . We build 1,2,3 & 4 dog walking machines but we also build Custom machines if you like them longer , wider or with an incline . 

Having a Valward dog walking machine provides a facility

  • increases your dogs health
  • dog walking machine that keeps your dogs phyically fit and looking great
  • give you the upper edge over the competition to win that race , show dog event
  • dogs  rehabilitation from injury or surgery 
  • dont have the time to walk your pet or pets at home When the weather is  bad 

Our Dog treadmills are Delivered all over Australia to a local depo or to your home . 

We have sold to the Greyhound Industry , Military , Police , show dog owners & pet owners .  

2x3 dog treadmills sold to the military 

4 dog walker 

Hill Climb 2 dog 

SIngle dog walker